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The Silver Screen Film Festival ("SSFF") 2016 - 17 event showing at a Private Theater Venue!!


SSFF offers amazing exposure (theater and awards venues) and distribution potential for independed filmmakers, musicians, and artists of all creative genre. SSFF offers competitive contests and awards to media, screenplays, production development, and more submissions for; awards, prizes, and distribution. Entries must submit to our Film Freeway page @:



#(904) 274-2676


Rules & Terms apply!

Legendary Exposure

SSFF offers legendary distribution and exposure for media producers and creatives.

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Helena - Eric Rippetoe

Vicious - Jason Rosenblatt

Heroes Manufactured - Yaron Betan

Apocalypse - Alexandre Alonso

Resurrection Time Conspiracy - James Carroll

Sahbak - Priyali Sur

Coal Sea - Gian Luca Rossi

Stained - Mark Brown

A Space In Time - Alexandre Athané

Message in the Fortune Cookie - Golam Mustofa

The Chair - Gordon Robertson

Uncle Buzzy's House - Christina Vinsick

The Clay - M H M Mubassir

Robot Dreams Made Flesh - Robert Lyons

Scratching the Surface - Robert Lyons

Le Cirque Mentale - Maria Gagas

Hell on Earth - Daniel Cook

I Promised - Danny Malin

Duel on the banks of the Mauldre - Mehdi Noblesse

Cowboys & Indians - CLAVELITO Films

What They Believe - Shoko Hara

Eye of the Storm - S. Kramer Herzog

San Quentin Inside - S. Kramer Herzog

For the Kids of Paarl - S. Kramer Herzog

Stripes - Tibo Pinsard

Touch Gloves - Felipe Jorge

Aux Battlements du Parloir (Jail Quarters) - Pascal Marc

The World of Dennis Patton - S. Kramer Herzog

We Have On This Earth - Suleiman Tashman

K.E.R.O.S.E.N.E Poems From the Planet - Jukka Jalovaara

Those Drawn Alive - Jukka-Pekka Jalovaara

Bullet Vein - Euro Hangebruch

Bodh (Unfolding the Spirit of Revenge) - Arindam Barooah

Ace and Anxious - Bri Castellini

Brains - Bri Castellini

Cuerdas - Pedro Solís García

Crime Confidential - Julian Lim

April Fool's Day - Apostolis Iliopoulos

Scratch - Maninder Chana

Partners - Darren Conrad

Pechorin - Roman Khrushch

The Middle Finger - Séamus Hanly

Love Somehow - Kate Cheeseman

43 - Adrian Rodriguez

New Dawn - Adrian Rodriguez

Keep it Clean - Evan Sennett

The Prisoner Of Perdition - Cameron McCasland

4242 - Sara Eustaquio

Gold Mountain - Kerwin Berk

Pubic Enemy/Number Two - Ed Vela

The Pit - Filip Kilián

ROMA: The Silent Film - Adam Gonzalez

The Burial (v2 1080p) - Ray Petrolino

Dirty Winds - Andrew Huggins

Virgin Susie & The Holy Sisters - Asaf Yecheskel

AmeriKa - Mackenzie Gruer

Jump!!! - Margaret Dane

Loyal Americans - Margaret Dane

The Wish - Margaret Dane

The Group - LaTracey McDowell

Third World River - Michael Rfdshir

Destroy Madrid - Joseba Alfaro

Deep into Sleep - Virgile Novarina

Virgile Sleeps, 6 Sketches for a Film - Jean Seban

Dating Material - Calvin Greer

Genes of Our Fathers - Braam Ackermann

At One Fell Swoop - Michael Higgins

La Vie d'un Clown - Vira Burmenko

Woman Scorned - Eriah Howard

Legacy - Gudmund Sand

Once Upon a Dream - Anthony Nion

Tom, The Knife Salesman - Ryan Brown

The Wonderful World of Chinese Characters - Heaven Kid

Heavenkid - Heaven Kid

The Last Dream for the Moon - Octavian Repede

Cadeby - David Keogh

Deadline - Chris Dearstyne

Balloon Ride - Evan Hughes

Aahe Nila Saila - Birenjyoti Mohanty

Blockbuster - A Life in Moving Pictures - Vlado Priborsky

Everywhere - Thomas Castiglione

Life in the Making - Aniruddha Pande

Banalities - Rafael de Andrade

Fight or Play Basketball - Mike Messier

Thornbird - Jonathan Stutzman

The Floridian Heat - Chris Dearstyne

Compression - Oliver Smith

Tex: Wisdom of the Old West - William R Coughlan

The Greater Evil - William R Coughlan

Winston - William R Coughlan

The Penguins - ThorSchenker

Twin - Sannah Parker

The Girl in the Photo - Sannah Parker

The Terrible Typewriter - Marko Kattilakoski

Casting - Jansel Porras

Paranoid Flux - Anthony Salgado

Boring I Love You - Nikhil Malik

Cydonia's Smile - Erik Wiesbaum

Hope - Adam Losurdo

The Motive - AndersEngdahl

This World We Live In - Gage Oxley

Annoying - Zoran Maslic

Hibernation - Mike Briock

Roller Life - Michael Brown

La Voce / Voiceless - David Uloth

The Adjuncts - Mackleen Desravines

Mon Ange Video - Natalie Jean

Cajun Justice - Mike Briock

The Fourth Night - Mike Briock

My Little Brother - Anthony Bennett

A Way Back - Alan King

Inevitable - Daniele Ricci

Addle Strife - Karl Erikson

Escapes - Mercedes Gaspar

The Letter - Simon Tonev

3 Years in 3 Minutes, a Hand Travels the World - Alan Wurman

In Utero - Antonio Edward

Bonsai - Javier Bayon

Mousse - John Hellberg

Our Theatre: A 20th Anniv. Celeb. of the Royal Players - Jasmine Greer


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